We have been at the forefront of digital scouting by developing proprietary software for the creation of digital location folders.

Don’t settle for an “image gallery” of location pictures, expect to have your digital location scouting organized, posted on-line in interactive categories by multiple scouts, and delivered as PDF location folders for printout.

Our Digital Location Library at www.productionlogin.com contains over 200,000 images of locations from around the globe.

Search by Catagory, Geography, Keywords, Location Number, or by Location Scout.

And our technology has been adopted by location scouts from Los Angeles to New York, Hong Kong to Paris, and has been used by the location departments of CSI Miami,  American Dreams, Fast Lane, Dharma & Greg, Boomtown, Rescue Me, Crossing Jordan,  Alias, and Grey’s Anatomy to name a few.

To see a demo of how your locations should be delivered, click on the “Demo” link below.