From the SAG Industrial Digest;

Category II programs are intended for unrestricted exhibition to the general public. Category II programs must be designed primarily to sell specific products or services to the consuming public (1) at locations where the products or services are sold, or (2) at public places such as coliseums, railroad stations, air/bus terminals, or shopping centers.

Category II programs may be supplied free of charge to customers as a premium or inducement to purchase specific goods or services.

A 5-year use limitation applies to all Category II programs.


1. A program outlining the selling features of an automobile which is available to all consumers entering automobile dealerships.

2. A program promoting fire prevention which sells the benefits of a particular company’s fire insurance policies and is exhibited in a shopping mail.

3. A videocassette explaining how to build a recreation room, provided free of charge to anyone who buys a_power drill.

4. A videocassette on how to cook with a Chinese wok, provided free of charge to buyers of a home videocassette recorder.


And of course a “Behind the Scenes” video for the internet (as per Tracy Hyman from SAG).