For those of us fielding requests from Ad Agencies and Photographers to add a video component for the internet or multimedia to our still shoots, I wanted to share a little information that we’ve accumulated on the costs and the requirements of SAG talent.

If the Ad Agency or Client is a SAG Signatory, SAG talent must be used on these types of projects.

As of April 1st 2011, the scale rate for a commercial video under 3 minutes for use on the internet will be set at the following:  On Camera Talent (8 hr. day) will receive session payment of $592.20 and residual payments of  $787.65 for 8 weeks usage or $2,072.70 for 1 year’s usage.

You can extend the usage to an additional 8 weeks if you do so before the original 8 weeks expires, otherwise the year usage fee would apply for any extended use up to one year.

Group Talent rates only apply if the group performs as a group (dancers, skaters, etc).

So to come up with a cost for a talent in a “commercial” internet video you must have the following:

Day Rate + Residuals + Payroll (approx. 22.5%) + Pension & Health (15.5%) + Any Addition fees like Mileage, etc. listed on the PDF link below.

See this link to download a PDF from SAG that lists all the costs including additional charges like Mileage inside and outside the zone, Wardrobe Allowance, etc.

Rates and Fees are subject to change. Always contact your Payroll Company for the latest rates that would apply to your project, that’s what they are there for.

See next posting for information on “Behind the Scenes” video to post on the internet.