We started out with Touch Scout on the iPhone. It is small and convenient to have in your pocket, we designed in several screens for the different types of content, and we put in a scrolling page for the images information to be recorded.  (see previous posting)

But we found that the iPhone version might be too small to be used effectively, so we redesigned it for the larger screen of the iPad and it just works. (3G iPad is necessary for the App to grab the GPS information while scouting so the location database can map the location for you).

When we return from each day of scouting we simply sync the iPad with our desktop location database and then import the images.  With all of these tools designed to work together, the end of a long day of scouting doesn’t mean more long hours getting the images and data ready to upload to the web.  All of this is designed to work seamlessly with the production tools on www.productionlogin.com so we get to dinner at a reasonably time.