Following up the Travelers job, we stayed over and started a project for Wells Fargo with Jim Krantz in the Bay Area.

What a great time we had working with the team from Wells Fargo and our first project with Jim Krantz was a bonding experience.

Great locations (thank you Birdman, Stagling Family Vineyards and Dowling Studios), great food and great wine.

Below are 2 emails we received about the shoot.

From the homeowner:

“Hi Jane,

Barbara and I are writing to tell you of an exceptionally nice experience Barbara and I recently had on a day-long photo shoot at our home in Woodside.  The shoot was sponsored by Wells Fargo for its upcoming advertising program directed to high net worth individuals.

A few weeks back, Birdman, Inc., the site selection company called to ask if we would have our home available for one-day photo shoot sometime in the next week or two. Since our home has been photographed and featured in magazines for various events, I asked about the terms and found that it was for an upscale advertisement of Wells Fargo Bank. Since Barbara banks at Wells, and we know you, we were happy to agree.

We were warned in advance that a full crew was going to be present, but when two large moving vans, a full size mobile home and a large crew with multiple tents showed up,  we feared a media invasion  and the filming of an EPIC was certainly underway.  However, the entire day could not have been organized more professionally. We were delighted to be introduced and chatted briefly with each and every crew member, the producer , the talented photographer, the models, the child’s representative and the child’s parents, the dog groomer, even the dog–and several very nice people from Wells Fargo. They all worked non-stop, took care of our home as well as they would have their own, and left it spotless.

To send our experience over the top, at the very end of the day, Jim Krantz, the really talented photographer, was kind enough to take several photos of our pool area, of me and my first bronze, a few of which are attached.

So, hooray for Wells Fargo and their excellent choice of  talented  suppliers, vendors, consultants, creative support teams and all round good people!   All we can say, is “impressive.” Brava! Bravo! ”

And from the Client:

“Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for copying all of us on your nice note to Jane! We can’t thank you and Barbara enough for allowing us to shoot in your beautiful home. The coordination of the day and how we wrapped up at your home is truly a testament to the professionalism of our producer, Scott Davis, and his fantastic crew. On behalf of Wells Fargo, thank you very much.”