A quick trip to Northern California for Travelers Insurance in July included shooting in San Francisco and Hayard.

The main reason for going to Northern California to shoot was the cost and ease of pulling permits in the Financial District on weekends, though we heard that the City Council was considering changes to this process.  They were considering new revenue sources and a hike in charging for parking spaces on a road closure was one of the new ideas.  It would have added significant costs to the permit and would have made it less attractive to go to San Francisco in the future for this type of shoot.

The permit restrictions and cost were the reasons we decided not to shoot in Los Angeles and these new policies in San Francisco would have made it better to shoot in LA.  Fortunately the San Francisco City Council decided not to go down this road and we will be bringing more productions to the city by the bay.

The City of Hayward was great with jumping in to help with our project and arranged for the police and city crews to set up our lane closure for the scissor lift to be in the center lane on the main road.

It’s a refreshing change to be in an area that is appreciative of the benifits that an they receive from filming crews that behave themselves.