Verizon Wireless – Southern California


Nice shoot with Jim Purdum, too bad the client changed agencies right after we finished shooting and they didn’t use the images. Locations included a Costco (before they opened), a Steel factory, the Los Angeles Times, a flooded room set, PGE power lines, and Charleston, South Carolina for a camera car shot on the bridge.

Banana Boat – Miami, FL

A quick shoot in Key Biscayne with Chris Crisman and his team for Banana Boat was a nice way to spend the first part of January.  We brought in a “sand specialist” (one that has experience with building sand castles in competitions) so we’d be sure to get the best looking Sand Angel possible.  

Mercedes Amg Gt CoupĂ© 476 – Bonneville Salt Flats, Antelope Island, & Valley of Fire


Working with secret projects always comes with their own special requirements. Markus Bolsinger and his crew were great to watch how they worked as a team. The biggest issue on this shoot was when the helicopter’s engine wouldn’t start up again after the first few runs.  We brought in a second helicopter and moved the mount over so we could continue shooting while the mechanics did their work on restoring the first one.



A quick shoot with Chris Crisman had us playing hide and seek with the notorious San Francisco fog.  It all worked out in the end.

Colcrys – Dustin Cohen, Southern California – Motion & Stills

Monrovia Fire Station

Fun Shoot with Dustin Cohen in the studio, on the golf course, and at the fire station.

PG&E – Northern California


Northern California has great locations.  On our PG&E shoot with Walt Denson, Walt and I went out and found some great places and made new friends.

Acura RLX – Brooklyn Navy Yard

Acura RLX

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For our second outing with Adrian Gaut, we moved to the East Coast and put the shoot together at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and on location in Connecticut.

Planet PrePro on the West Coast – Now in San Francisco & Los Angeles



As of the beginning of August, Planet PrePro opened a new office in the Bay Area.

So now you can get local crews on the West Coast in Los Angeles and San Francisco for your upcoming productions.

Los Angeles – 310.600.5389                                          San Francisco – 415.526.3945

and of course, on the East Coast – 917.699.1846

Porsche Cayenne – Miami, Florida Keys & Spain


Working with Jurgen Berderow is a pleasure and we always have fun.  On this project, we shot the backgrounds on location in Florida with a stand in vehicle, and then traveled to a remote airstrip in Teruel, Spain to shoot the hero vehicle.  Jeff Maher was great providing location support in Miami and the Keys.

Acura MDX with Adrian Gaut

We jumped on board with Mullen and their initial Acura photo shoot in the studio with Adrian Gaut. Not the traditional car in studio, but a new and creative way to shoot the sheet metal. Adrian was great to work with and kept the vibe in the studio humming.

We’d do it again in a second.

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