Planet PrePro and Droga5 shoot in one of the classic dive Bars in NYC to create a killer campaign for PUMA social.

The project went sort of like this:

DROGA5- The calm cool Art Producer on the phone says ” Hey, we need a REAL hip bar location in NYC for a campaign that we HAVE to shoot next week, we also need to cast 30 real cool people, we need to  shoot 30 variations in one day, can you guys pull that off?”

PPP- The equally calm producer at Planet PrePro says ” A week? really, who gets that much time, NO problem, lets talk details and crank this out”

DROGA5- The Art Producer clearly talking to his team at the agency as he covers the handset ” SEE, I told you, these guys can do anything” then the Art Producer returning to the call says” Hey, can you come over to the agency to discuss details?”

PPP- ” On the way, see you in 10″

OK, it might have been a little more than that, but we all had a blast working with Droga5 and our team created an everlasting campaign that actually included a couple of  final image with the Producer Richard Gaul playing a key talent role.  When asked how that happened Gaul said ” Well we had this killer food wagon on hand for the shoot at night and as we were waiting for final lighting and set up, I jumped in to make some burgers for the crew” the fabulous Dean Rogers who shot this campaign was asked about it and said ” The guy was a natural behind the grill, it made the scene way more realistic and allowed the talent to relax, what team player, that guy does it all”

Just another day at the office for Planet PrePro.