EFFECTIVE TODAY,  April 9th of 2011, the New York State Wage Theft Prevention Act or ( WTPA) goes into effect.

I know we are all up to our necks in paper work, but here at Planet PrePro we try to stay up to date with labor laws when hiring crews around the world as well as locally.  We suggest you read the following attachments because the penalties for non-compliance can be steep.

The WTPA imposes on employers additional notice and record-keeping requirements under the wage and hour provisions of the New York Labor Law and significantly reinforces the civil and criminal penalties on employers for certain Labor law Violations.

The guidelines for these new laws are in the document below;

NYS Labor LS52


The form that is currently used for producers is below;



If you are interested in reading about this new labor law, click on the link below;

NY State Department of Labor