We actually started out with this concept back on the Palm IV – collecting the data on location while scouting.

Now on the iPhone,  this App can sync with our desktop location database after a long day on the road of scouting and not have to spend hours typing the data for each location.  Then we import the images into the computer and upload to the web, all in much less time.

The App has 5 screens, each with large fields to enter the different types of data.  Touch the GPS field and the App grabs the GPS information for where your standing so the desktop program can grab a map, touch the Voice Memo field and record up to 2 minutes for each location record, or go to the Images tab and enter the information on each shot.

With all of these tools designed to work together, the end of a long day of scouting doesn’t mean more long hours getting the images and data ready to upload to the web.  All of this is designed to work seamlessly with the production tools on www.productionlogin.com so we get to dinner at a reasonably time.


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