What a ride. Droga5 called again to bring us on to produce a PUMA shoot in Jamaica. For years we have had close ties to some great support in that country and would not think of going Island with Maxine at our side.

This project involved the artist Tristan Eaton, and if you know this guy then you know you better have your balls on and get it right, we totally cranked out some amazing art and in the process had tons of laughs and little sleep.

Jeremy and Claire Weiss shot this project and they could not have been easier to work with. And talk about tough! Claire was days from having her knee blown out from the previous job. Ya right, we know you were dancing the night away with Jeremy and fell into the bushes. You guys ROCK!

The main character for the hero images was the worlds fasted man, Usain Bolt. We spent a day with him and he could not of been more professional and accommodating.