OK, this was crazy. It sort of went this way;

Schultz: What are you doing in August.

PPP: Working, what else? Why? Got something good?

Schultz: Yeah, around the world in 13 days. You up for it? Going to be crazy, and it needs to be all pulled together fast.

PPP: Yeah, I am in. When do we leave? ……..

So 4 of us take off to circle the globe.

Richard Schultz, Alex Wilbanks (the client from Godfrey Q & Partners out of San Francisco),  Sheffield Reynolds  (digital tech / assistant), and myself meet up in Dublin.

This is the Short version:

Travel to Dublin, Eat-Drink & Shoot.

Travel to Mumbai, India via Frankfort – arrive at 1 AM (I have the guys from the Four Seasons pick us up and we have cold beers in the pool on the rooftop at 2 AM). Travel to Pune the next day (4 hrs) and shoot. Then in a complete monsoon, drive back to Mumbai.

Travel to Sydney AU via layover in Singapore. Land, Eat-Drink & Shoot. Back to the airport.

Travel home through San Francisco then on to NY.

Killer trip, great travel companions , not one argument, and we totally nailed it.