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New York, Atlantic City & Maine


Sometimes we experience “Cosmic Irony” on shoots. ┬áThis one was one of those times.

The location in Maine was Cadillac Mountain Road.

New York, Atlantic City, and Maine provided great locations for this latest shoot with Jan Steinhilber and Fallon.

TARGET – Margaret Lampert

Margaret Lampert asked us to produce a TARGET shoot for her in the suburbs of NJ.

Lots of fun with the kids in a school for two days.

As usual, Margaret was great to work with and the the kids just loved her.

CHASE with mcgarrybowen and Rob Howard

This was our first time working with Rob Howard, turns out he is a fellow Canadian and super nice guy.

Best part of this production was not really the shoot, but being able to hang with the Creative Director Melissa Evans at the opening night game with the SF Giants. It was an amazing night and there’s nothing like sitting 2 rows behind the home team dugout. Cold beers, hotdogs and a great game.

This was my first time working with Travis the AB at mcgarrybowen, really great guy.

The shoot of course was fun thanks to all the great personalities on set.

Melissa, you ROCK girl!

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