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“PPP Scanner” App for Production Books

The QR Code scanner “PPP Scanner” app has been approved and is now available on the iTunes App Store as a free download.

With the growing adoption and recognition of QR Codes, we decided to add them to our production books for locations and hotels. That way you can open the production book in the morning and just scan the code for the location and the iPhone will give you step by step directions to get you there.

See Instructions to read about it, and to download it, click here to download it from the Apple Store.

Click Here to download a one page PDF page with a location code to test how it works.

Chevron with Doug Menuez

McgarryBowen called on Planet PrePro to produce the latest Chevron print campaign this past July and August with the world renowned photographer  Doug Menuez.

The project took over two months to pull together and was shot over 13 continuous days in the NY/Tri State area.

Jamie Applebaum, the Art Producer from McgarraBowen, whom we have worked with many times was a pleasure to see everyday and once again proved why she is the best in the business with her professionalism and ability to stay calm under stressful situations. YOU ROCK JAMIE!.  Creative director Alfred Tam and Account Specialist Monica Robins were always available to discuss scheduling issues and helped to keep our production moving everyday. Of course Monica was no where to be found for the 100 pushups that were required every morning before the day started.

Kindra Predmore-Thomson and her production design team played an integral part in how this project turned out. Thanks for all your hard work.

This project needed over 140 talent, with such diverse ethnic backgrounds as Nigerian, Kazakhs, Angolan and Saudi. We reached out to Suzanne Stack at RedPenny and she nailed it. With her team she sourced true ethnic talent, and  because of her dedication to detail, the talent she found was nothing short of amazing.

Thanks Suzanne.

Looking forward to the next one.


Added GPS Mapping, Video and Select Fields to Locations

We just updated the website by adding the favorites boxes to the locations files (just like we have in the Casting / Talent section). Now the Agency and Photographer can select their favorites by checking off a box.  By making favorite selections, the website automatically creates a new sorting category for those favorites.


And we’ve added a link in the locations section for using Google Maps with the coordinates the scouts provide in their location files, as well as the ability to include a video file of each location.

Click here to see the demo:

(You must have your “Pop-up Blocker” turned off to see the example because we use pop-up windows to allow direct comparisons of images in the projects.)

Added Video and Google Maps to Scouting Database

Since we’ve been getting requests for video files to be shot while location scouting, we added a video tab to our location database program where we save the video files. Many of the location scouts that use our program have already updated their licenses to include this new option.  The scouting database works seamlessly with our online posting tools at to include the video files as well as the new GPS mapping feature.

Updated iPhone and iPad App

When scouting locations, we gather information on the iPhone or iPad and then sync it back to our computer database. When you enter the GPS Coordinates field, the iPhone or 3G iPad will automatically grab the GPS coordinates from your location.  This saves lots of time at the end of a long day of scouting and makes getting maps a breeze.

If we have outside interest about this app, we will submit it to the iTunes App Store and make it available alongside our other production Apps.

iPad / iPhone / Android Compatible Website

Today we launched our iOS and Android compatible website.

Use your devices to check it out.




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