We have known Dan Bigelow for years, so when this job came up and he called, we jumped in with all hands on deck. Dan explained he was not sure he had the budget to make it work. We told him that we’d just get it done for him, and we did. As always, Gylaine Gilmore who has worked in the NY office for years was amazing. Working closely with the client, she made sure all the real customers (talent) ¬†knew what to expect. This was particularly challenging since all of the employees or customers had never been involved in a photo shoot and some were elderly, so they needed extra support.

Gylaine has always been amazing with her ability to put anyone at ease and her patience is unmatched by anyone I have ever worked with. Thanks Gylaine.

For Mick Breitenstein this was his first solo as the producer on the set and spent 3 days making sure nothing went wrong, and the client was thrilled with the results as was Dan.