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SunChips in Los Angeles

In December we put together a quick shoot for Tom Feiler from Westside Studio in Toronto.

Tom and the Agency (Juniper Park) were a delight to work with on this one day shoot.

Southern California held up her end of the deal by delivering another fantastic day of sunshine and warm weather, considering the cold climate in Toronto that they had just come from.  Sunscreen was available so they didn’t burn.

Celebrix in NY

The very talented Chris Crisman called on Planet PrePro to produce a project in NYC for Celebrex, well actually it was his rep whom we like very much and always finds time to call and chat, thanks Melissa.

Of course Red Penny Casting did an incredible job casting this project as they usually do.

We set up a Jacks Studio for 3 days and cranked out an enormous amount of work in a very systematic  way. The creative team from CDM were total on their game and were a pleasure to work with, thank’s Meredith and Katie

Hope to work with these guys again.

List of SAG Offices

Click on the link below to download a PDF file listing the SAG offices around the US.

SAG Offices PDF

Click on the link below to go directly to the SAG Website.

SAG Website

Category II – SAG Definition

From the SAG Industrial Digest;

Category II programs are intended for unrestricted exhibition to the general public. Category II programs must be designed primarily to sell specific products or services to the consuming public (1) at locations where the products or services are sold, or (2) at public places such as coliseums, railroad stations, air/bus terminals, or shopping centers.

Category II programs may be supplied free of charge to customers as a premium or inducement to purchase specific goods or services.

A 5-year use limitation applies to all Category II programs.


1. A program outlining the selling features of an automobile which is available to all consumers entering automobile dealerships.

2. A program promoting fire prevention which sells the benefits of a particular company’s fire insurance policies and is exhibited in a shopping mail.

3. A videocassette explaining how to build a recreation room, provided free of charge to anyone who buys a_power drill.

4. A videocassette on how to cook with a Chinese wok, provided free of charge to buyers of a home videocassette recorder.


And of course a “Behind the Scenes” video for the internet (as per Tracy Hyman from SAG).

“Behind the Scenes” videos – SAG rules and costs

Speaking with Tracy Hyman at SAG was very informative about the costs we need to put into our bids if we are going to shoot a “Behind the Scenes” video on our still shoots.

This falls under the SAG Industrial & Educational Contract – Category II.

See this link for a PDF from SAG with the rates listed.

Basically the day rate (for 8 hrs.) is $586.00 + Payroll (approx. 22.5%) + Health & Pension 15.3% – for 5 years internet usage for “Behind the Scenes” videos.  For industrial projects, you may use a payroll company that is signed to the Industrial Contract as your signatory.

And here is a link to the SAG Industrial Digest which gives definitions and details for additional usages.

See Page 7 in the SAG Industrial Digest for the definition of Category II uses, and Page 5 for details on Supplemental Use.


And in the following example;

Shooting a “Swimsuit Model” with a product on location and having a behind the scenes video shot for internet use.

If the Ad Agency or Client is a SAG signatory, the models would all need to be put on SAG Industrial contracts and paid as per the contract including P&H. They would be treated as though they were SAG, but Taft Hartley’s would need to be submitted explaining why they were hired (very easy in this type of situation to explain).


Rates and Fees are subject to change, Always contact your Payroll Company for the latest rates that would apply to your project. That’s what they are there for.

SAG Implications on Still Shoots with Video

For those of us fielding requests from Ad Agencies and Photographers to add a video component for the internet or multimedia to our still shoots, I wanted to share a little information that we’ve accumulated on the costs and the requirements of SAG talent.

If the Ad Agency or Client is a SAG Signatory, SAG talent must be used on these types of projects.

As of April 1st 2011, the scale rate for a commercial video under 3 minutes for use on the internet will be set at the following:  On Camera Talent (8 hr. day) will receive session payment of $592.20 and residual payments of  $787.65 for 8 weeks usage or $2,072.70 for 1 year’s usage.

You can extend the usage to an additional 8 weeks if you do so before the original 8 weeks expires, otherwise the year usage fee would apply for any extended use up to one year.

Group Talent rates only apply if the group performs as a group (dancers, skaters, etc).

So to come up with a cost for a talent in a “commercial” internet video you must have the following:

Day Rate + Residuals + Payroll (approx. 22.5%) + Pension & Health (15.5%) + Any Addition fees like Mileage, etc. listed on the PDF link below.

See this link to download a PDF from SAG that lists all the costs including additional charges like Mileage inside and outside the zone, Wardrobe Allowance, etc.

Rates and Fees are subject to change. Always contact your Payroll Company for the latest rates that would apply to your project, that’s what they are there for.

See next posting for information on “Behind the Scenes” video to post on the internet.

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