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Touch Scout on iPad

We started out with Touch Scout on the iPhone. It is small and convenient to have in your pocket, we designed in several screens for the different types of content, and we put in a scrolling page for the images information to be recorded.  (see previous posting)

But we found that the iPhone version might be too small to be used effectively, so we redesigned it for the larger screen of the iPad and it just works. (3G iPad is necessary for the App to grab the GPS information while scouting so the location database can map the location for you).

When we return from each day of scouting we simply sync the iPad with our desktop location database and then import the images.  With all of these tools designed to work together, the end of a long day of scouting doesn’t mean more long hours getting the images and data ready to upload to the web.  All of this is designed to work seamlessly with the production tools on so we get to dinner at a reasonably time.

Wells Fargo 2 – Los Angeles

Right after our first shoot for Wells Fargo the client called and asked if we could put the same team together for another shoot in October.

Check out the production stills, the “Mexican Town” set was great and really added a great flavor to that shoot day.

We all had great fun with Jim Krantz (Lucie Awards – International Photographer of the Year – 2010) and the team from Wells Fargo were amazing again.

Locations Database on iPad

See the previous posting about our Locations Database on the iPhone and iPodTouch and you see how convenient having all of your locations in your pocket is on production.

We’ve take this great idea and redesigned it for the larger screen of the iPad.

The pictures are bigger and the information is much easier to access on the iPad’s screen.

Locations Database on the iPhone & iPod Touch

We’ve had requests from the majority of the users of the desktop version of our location database program to put it on the iPhone or iPodTouch so they have all their location data in their pocket.

So, we explored a couple of different way to accomplish this and you can see what we came up with here.

We decided to have one scrollable screen per location (there are 3 images here of it) so all the information is displayed and you just swipe your finger up and down to find what you need – and if you touch on the image it goes to a larger image on it’s own screen where you can zoom in.

Search by any field and have one image for reference with all the data.  We decided to only use one image per location in the iPhone/iPadTouch version to save space on the device.

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