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Mileage Log for iPhone

After developing the PPP Petty Cash App we saw we could use the iPhone to keep track of all the trips and mileage on a production.  So, like the PPP Petty Cash App, you enter your Job information and then go to the Trips section to enter the information about each trip. You enter the date, where you went, what the purpose of the trip was for, the beginning mileage, and the ending mileage – the App figures out how many miles.  Then after syncing with your computer, you print out your mileage log and it has calculated the number of miles for each trip and what the total bill is for those miles.  It is easy to submit this log for reimbursment.

PPP PC – Petty Cash Log for iPhone

We decided that there must be a better way to keep track of all the tips and petty cash spent on a production.  We tip the cab driver, we tip the Skycap at the airport, we tip the Valet at the hotel, we tip the Bellman at the hotel – and we always have our phone so that seemed to be the best tool for the job.  We created this App where you enter the job information and then go to the receipts page to enter your petty cash items.  You can swipe your finger up and down to see the petty cash items that have already been entered for that job.  There is a desktop companion program that the App sync’s with so you can print the petty cash log at the end of the job from your computer. (we are waiting for Apple to support more printers so you will be able to print directly from the phone in the future).

This App has been working for us for a few months and we will submit it to the App Store in the new year.

Jamaica Mon

What a ride. Droga5 called again to bring us on to produce a PUMA shoot in Jamaica. For years we have had close ties to some great support in that country and would not think of going Island with Maxine at our side.

This project involved the artist Tristan Eaton, and if you know this guy then you know you better have your balls on and get it right, we totally cranked out some amazing art and in the process had tons of laughs and little sleep.

Jeremy and Claire Weiss shot this project and they could not have been easier to work with. And talk about tough! Claire was days from having her knee blown out from the previous job. Ya right, we know you were dancing the night away with Jeremy and fell into the bushes. You guys ROCK!

The main character for the hero images was the worlds fasted man, Usain Bolt. We spent a day with him and he could not of been more professional and accommodating.


Travelers Insurance Shoot in Miami and Naples, FL

The Miami and Dade County Film Office really has their act together when it comes to permits for shooting.  The process can all be accomplished easily on-line and you can follow the approval process and pay with a credit card.

The thing I really liked was the blanket permit for the county that allowed us to go around and shoot backgrounds without a lot of red tape.

We also shot on the beach in Naples and the Film Office there went out of their way to process the permits for the city and parks quickly.

I really enjoyed the drive across the everglades and stopped into Clyde Butcher’s “Big Cypress Gallery” to check out his big Black & White prints.

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