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iPad and Production Books

When the iPad came out we immediately realized it’s potential for use as a production tool.  The interface opened up a new way of thinking for us to access our database of contacts and resources to more effeciently create our production books.  This new production book program also allows us to “re-purpose” the information into multiple formats if necessary, as well as being able to add time saving functions that are crucial in the pre-production and wrap phases of our jobs.

We also have started archiving the production books as PDF files in the iBooks app on the iPad so we have them to refer to if necessary.

All of this allows us to be more effecient and reduce costs to bring in our projects on time and under budget.

Casting Support for Right Arm Productions and Girosa Casting

The Kaplan Thaler Group were so taken by our casting tools, that they were introduced to when we produced the HSDD shoot in January for them, they wanted to use them when shooting with a different photographer.

The new photographer had his own production team so we worked with them on how to use the tools at for their casting and locations, as well as sending our team out to shoot the video to upload to the site.

Travelers Zoo and Banks

After weeks and weeks trying to get a reply from different zoos across the west coast, we finally came to an agreement with the Los Angeles Zoo about the approach to shooting the Bears using the actual bear exhibit. (which by coinsidence actually matched the layout very closely)

The concerns the zoos had with our project were the obvious ones, upsetting the animals and introducing something foreign into the exhibit that would harm the animals.

Given the ease of post work these days, we could accomplish our project and not have to put anything in the exhibit.

Most zoos are non-profit and could use the location fee to help with their operating budget (the location fee we were offering wasn’t small), so I was surprised at the negitive response we received from many zoos that weren’t even open to discussing our project even though they say they encourage filming at their facilities.

Our other location challenge on this project was to find an actual bank that would allow us to go in on the weekend when they were closed and have the run of the facility.

Our location scout (Greg Robinson) came up with a couple of options that were actual working banks as well as some closed banks that allowed filming.  In the end the client and the photographer choose a bank in Long Beach that was best for the layouts.

And the shot with the “Piggy Bank” worked out great with new software we installed to create the HDRI 360 file for the CGI pig.



Maggie Sumner over Saatchi turned us on to Adam Friedberg for this project and it was pleasure working with his team.

Internet Research for Chevy – Production Login Broadcast Email

Internet Research for Chevy – Production Login Broadcast Email

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