Back in September we spent a week with Jurgen Berderow shooting locations that would have been difficult and/or expensive to actually get vehicles on – for another project with Team One and Lexus. Thus is the beauty of CGI.

After working on and producing car shoots since the summer of 1982, the thing that excites me most about CGI technology is that we now have many more options for locations that in the past were just not possible.

Jurgen is a great guy and we had lots of fun with Kevin Mitchell driving all across the state. One night, after shooting on a remote section of the Oregon Coast, we stopped in a restaurant (actually a bar) ┬áthat was the only option for dinner on the way back to the hotel and had a great conversation with a local drunk. ┬áHe was surely plastered (and the uncle of the bar owner), but an interesting guy who was the first person to plot GPS coordinates across the south pole. It’s great that we don’t work in an office 9 t0 5 everyday and can meet fun and interesting people on our adventures.