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A Managed Chain Reaction

Production has been described as “A Managed Chain Reaction”, click on the image above to see how we’ve been investing in and integrating our systems to provide our clients with quicker turnarounds and lower costs without losing the details in the process.

Free Desktop Template for PPP Scout




“PPP Scout”, our scouting app, is now available with a free desktop template for use with our web tools, Production Login.

Gather the information while still on location, capture GPS coordinates by touching the field, and then sync with your desktop computer to upload your scouting images to your project on Production Login.

A complete beginning to end solution for posting your locations.










Click here to download the template.

“PPP Scanner” App for Production Books

The QR Code scanner “PPP Scanner” app has been approved and is now available on the iTunes App Store as a free download.

With the growing adoption and recognition of QR Codes, we decided to add them to our production books for locations and hotels. That way you can open the production book in the morning and just scan the code for the location and the iPhone will give you step by step directions to get you there.

See Instructions to read about it, and to download it, click here to download it from the Apple Store.

Click Here to download a one page PDF page with a location code to test how it works.

Added GPS Mapping, Video and Select Fields to Locations

We just updated the website by adding the favorites boxes to the locations files (just like we have in the Casting / Talent section). Now the Agency and Photographer can select their favorites by checking off a box.  By making favorite selections, the website automatically creates a new sorting category for those favorites.


And we’ve added a link in the locations section for using Google Maps with the coordinates the scouts provide in their location files, as well as the ability to include a video file of each location.

Click here to see the demo:

(You must have your “Pop-up Blocker” turned off to see the example because we use pop-up windows to allow direct comparisons of images in the projects.)

Added Video and Google Maps to Scouting Database

Since we’ve been getting requests for video files to be shot while location scouting, we added a video tab to our location database program where we save the video files. Many of the location scouts that use our program have already updated their licenses to include this new option.  The scouting database works seamlessly with our online posting tools at to include the video files as well as the new GPS mapping feature.

Updated iPhone and iPad App

When scouting locations, we gather information on the iPhone or iPad and then sync it back to our computer database. When you enter the GPS Coordinates field, the iPhone or 3G iPad will automatically grab the GPS coordinates from your location.  This saves lots of time at the end of a long day of scouting and makes getting maps a breeze.

If we have outside interest about this app, we will submit it to the iTunes App Store and make it available alongside our other production Apps.

Location Viewer for iPad passes 500 downloads








We are excited to announce that our Location Viewer iPad app has passed the 500 individual downloads mark after just 2 weeks from it’s launch.

500 individual downloads might not seem like a lot compared to an app like “Angry Birds”, but we are excited because we all work in such an extremely vertical market.

Click here to check out the app.

Broadcast Email (UPDATED!)


Today our staff finished updating, editing, and adding new records to the Film Commissions database on ProductionLogin.

We now have over 500 listings for Film Commissions from around the world that you can choose to send a “Broadcast Email”.

Choose from Region, State, or select individual Film Commissions – then compose your email and even add an attachment.  The emails go directly between you and the film office.  You will have to manage your emails and their responses, and please exercise good email manners – Always send a final email thanking the people that have tried to help you with your project and let them know how it turned out.

iPad Location Viewer








Today we are happy to say that our 2nd app has been approved for the iPad on the iTunes store!

It gets you into the location database section of our ProductionLogin site without having to login to the site.  You can search by any combination of the fields – Category, Geography, Keywords, Photo #.

Of course if you are a registered member of our website, you will have greater access through your browser because you can search with more levels of categories, save images to one of 3 private albums, and also save PDF files to your desktop.

This app gets you in quickly and efficiently (even on a 3G connection) to get ideas or to find the scout that shot the location images – his/her phone number is included with each image.

You can find it on the iTunes App store by clicking here.  See images below to view some screenshots of the app in action.

Video Added to Location Scouting Program


We’ve begun getting requests from photographers and agencies for a video file to be included with the still images in our location scouting “folders”.

So we’ve added another tab (video tab) to the scouting database program and set it up to import a video file to be included with the “View All” section of each location in the web load up.

Send us an email if you have any questions.


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