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With photographer/director Andy Anderson we shot these ads and video for firestone in Independence, Iowa and McCallen, Texas. We had our production team on the ground for two seasons. Harvesting season in the spring and planting season in the fall.

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We started by creating a tool for location scouts to capture the GPS Coordinates while shooting their location images. This changed how we manage maps and directions, weather forcasts, and sunrise and sunset information during the production. Then we recognized that additional tools that could empower the crew to provide us with the information we need to sucessfully wrap the job would help us organize the paperwork mountain and get everyone paid faster.


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State Street Global Advisers

Planet PrePro was tapped by Paris-based photographer Yann LePape to help bring this financial client’s vision to life. Being a multilingual company, PPP was able to bridge the language gap with Yann and smooth out the creative process. This was a challenging yet fun-filled production shot at multiple locations in California and New York City. Merci à Yann et son équipe pour un excellent projet, espérons travailler avec eux dans le futur!


American Express / Hilton Hotels


Christopher Wilson is someone we had been losing jobs to in the bidding process, until we had a chance to work with him on a couple of Ford projects and a American Express / Hilton Hotels project.




R&R partners reached out to Planet PrePro to conduct a branding campaign for the city of Las Vegas. This campaign involved shooting both stills and video at 22 hotels in one month, while total production lasted 3 months. PPP had one of its newest producers supporting this role. The logistics and scheduling was a tremendous challenge as well, however our team was up to task. We were able to secure over 150 talent from LA and Las Vegas, and do it all within our timeframe and under budget.   



Off Bug Spray – Southern California

Social Media assets are becoming a big part of our shoots.


Jim Purdum is such a nice guy, he always leaves his clients happy and wanting to come back.

Pluralsight – Library Shoot


Image Library shoot with David Stoker in San Francisco for Pluralsight.



Pharmaceutical commercial shot by photographer Andy Anderson at multiple locations in California.

Cache Valley

Spent a couple weeks with Andy Anderson capturing stills and drone images in Cache Valley. Weather conditions determined that we needed to go back multiple times. Loved shooting in such a beautiful part of the country, and always a pleasure to work with Andy. 


PPG – Amsterdam & Malaysia


We put together local production crews for Dan Bigelow in Amsterdam & Kuala Lumpur.  Another example of  reaching out to our contacts to find the best crews just about anywhere.

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